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Voluntary Benefits

Family and Medical Leave

Family and medical leave is based on the Family and Medical Leave Act, which allows you to take time away from work to care for a newborn child, a seriously ill family member, or for your own personal illness. If you qualify, you may be eligible for up to 12 weeks or even up to six months off from work, depending on the reason for your leave. Family leave is an unpaid leave.

Requesting Family/Medical Leave (FMLA)

If you wish to apply for a family/medical leave (FML) you will be required to do so through the PSEG Absence Reporting Center. This call replaces the previous process where the employee submitted a form to the Business Center.

The phone number for the PSEG Absence Reporting Center is the same number used to contact
Benefits Express—1-800-571-0400
. Select “Option 1” or say “PSEG Absence Reporting Center” when you call the 800 number to access the PSEG Absence Reporting Center for FML requests. Once you enter the Absence Reporting Center, additional prompts will be provided to report an illness of five days or less (Option 1), or to report an illness of greater than five days or request an FML leave (Option 2). You will then be routed to a customer service representative who will complete the intake process.